Chennai Elderly Couple Fights Over Biryani, Set Each Other On Fire

In Chennai, an elderly couple set each other on fire because the husband ate biryani by himself and had a fight with his wife who got angry over his act.

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An elderly couple in Chennai had a fight over biryani that the husband ate all by himself making the wife angry. The couple set each other on fire which caused severe burn injuries which they could not sustain and passed away.

Couple fights are common, we often see bickering and disagreements in relationships, even in elderly couples. However, such fights are good as long as they are in good spirit and constructive, not destructive. It is bad to cause harm to each other in the heat of the moment, a thing that anyone should never do and that they will regret later. In Chennai, a fight that started over biryani aggravated to become life threatening and ended up taking the life of an elderly couple.

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Chennai Elderly Couple Fight Over Biryani

On Monday night, the police received a call from the Ayanavaram neighbourhood about a fire in the house of an elderly couple living on Third Street, Tagore Nagar. When the police arrived, they found the couple unconscious with several burns and admitted them in the Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital. The wife had 65% burns while the husband suffered 50% burns. The police initially considered it a dual suicide case but the truth was revealed by the wife while she was on her death bed.

According to the statements of the neighbours, 70-years-old Padmavathy and 74-years-old Karunakaran reportedly lived in the house alone. They had four children but they lived in different parts of the city. They would visit their parents occasionally and the neighbours would hear fights. The elderly couple was depressed as they had no one to take care of them which made them frustrated. The neighbours called the police when they heard screams coming from their house at night.

Padmavathy, before dying, reportedly confessed that her husband bought biryani for dinner at 8 pm that night and started eating alone. She got angry and asked him why he did not bring some for her as well and asked him to share. This led to a heated argument between them and Karunakaran threw kerosene on her and set her on fire. The wife hugged him and that's how the two got the burns that they could not sustain and died within a day of each other.

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