Elderly Couple's Romance Takes Over The Internet. But Why Is Society Uncomfortable?

Even in Bollywood, elderly romance is either shown through the lens of cringe or comedy. Why do we not like elderly couples indulging in romantic exchanges?

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Don't you adore elderly couples when they become goofy and romantic? Or wait, do you feel cringe? The answers to these two questions indicate whether you are age-shame people, even if unconsciously. Age is just a number; if you love your partner, you do not stop showing it at any age. But if you feel cringe at seeing an old couple kissing, hugging or dancing together, you are biased.

video of an elderly couple dancing is doing rounds on the internet. It shows an older man dancing to a trending Arabic song around his wife sitting on a chair. She is enjoying her husband's quirky moves. The dance is an expression of love. The video certainly made me smile and marvel at the love they both share after so many years of " target="_blank" rel="noopener">marriage. However, there is a section of viewers who didn't like the video as they found it is not age appropriate.

In our society, elderly couples are only considered senior citizens who can only share valuable life lessons. They are either the story-telling grandparents, advocates of morality or the representation of the ancestors. They are rarely looked at as humans with feelings or desires. How many times have you seen your grandparents hugging each other? Or even holding each other's hands and going for a walk? How often have you seen grandparents exchanging words of love or singing and dancing for each other? Romance is cool only when youngsters are making tall claims.

Even in Bollywood, romance is depicted through young couples. Remember Badhaai Ho? It was a breath of fresh air because it broke many stereotypes. 

Why is being in love "normal" only till you are a certain age? In our society, age is seen as a parameter of how a person should behave. Younger ones, while they are allowed to have fun, are not allowed to opine as they are too immature to give their point of view. On the other hand, the older ones can express their opinions and influence others but are not allowed to have fun. In simple words, older people are considered too mature to have fun. The more they age, the more they are supposed to express less. And as far as love is concerned, elderly couples and widows are supposed to refrain from the moh-mayaa. And if they don't, they are shamed for having desires.

Elderly Couple's Romance Takes Over The Internet

Why should age be a determining factor in how a person should behave? Why should age govern the expression of emotions? Why should age-appropriate behaviour mean elderly couples can't show love? 


Moreover, why should love have an age? Why does showing love for your spouse become cringe-worthy to others just because you are past a certain age? Shouldn't couples celebrate that they have lived their lifetimes together against many odds?

It is high time we understand that people have the right and freedom to love and show it irrespective of age, caste or gender. Love is an emotion that anyone can feel at any time, and it is not an object that wears out once people grow old. So, let elderly couples cuddle while we mind our own business.

The views expressed are the author's own.

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