Drama, a popular nightclub in London, was recently accused of charging a Black woman double the price it charges white people. The issue came to light when the girl’s mother took to Twitter to lash out her disappointment and anger at the nightclub.

The complaints of racism against the nightclub are being investigated. Many are asking for its licence suspension if the allegations turn out to be true. It is also interesting to know that the club is famous among celebrities. It is frequently visited by the likes of Rihanna, Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio etc.

Tweet sparks public outrage

As soon as the tweet went up, internet users started calling out the nightclub for its racist behaviour. Many also pointed out to other clubs where they had faced racism. Additionally, the tweet was retweeted and liked several thousand times.

The RT reported, ”The Mayor of London’s office told the BBC’s Newsbeat program that the capital’s Night Tsar Amy Lamé has spoken to Marsh-Edwards about the incident “and is hoping to meet with her shortly to discuss it further”. A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “Discrimination of any kind is totally unacceptable and something that the Mayor will not tolerate.”

Nightclub’s response

The nightclub, in response, claimed all allegations to be untrue.

A club spokesman also told MailOnline, ”Our venue rejects discrimination of any kind. We operate a non-discriminatory policy, and are committed to being an inclusive and welcoming venue for all. We continue to investigate these serious allegations, and have attempted to contact the guest directly to understand her experience.”

”The normal door charge at Drama Park Lane is £20. Promotions are offered for various reasons, but never on the grounds of discrimination of race, colour or national origin. This standard is well known to our promoters and staff, and something that we reinforce within our code of conduct and regular team member training.”

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