“Carry Condoms Instead Of Dialling 100.” Shocker From Filmmaker

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A week has passed since one of the most brutal rape cases in our country happened, and we are still stuck on blaming women and issuing advisories for women. The latest in rolling out gyaan on why women get raped and what they should do to be safe is filmmaker Daniel Shravan. In a post on Facebook, he asks women to carry condoms instead of dialling 100. “Carry Condoms to save yourself,” he wrote.

Key Takeaways:

  • A 27-year-old woman vet was raped and brutally murdered a week ago in Hyderabad. Her burnt body was found the next day.
  • While the rapists have been arrested by the police, the nation demands justice and strict punishment for the rapists. 
  • Four men named Mohammad Alias Arif (26), Jollu Naveen, Chennakeshavulu alias Chenna (20) and Jollu Shiva (20) have been arrested. 
  • Daniel Shravan’s comment has sparked outrage on social media with people criticising his take on rape and condom comment.

Rapes happen because women are adamant bitches- Daniel Shravan, filmmaker

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Filmmaker Daniel Shravan

Filmmaker Daniel Shravan. Pc: Op India

Cooperate And Offer Condoms To Prevent Murder After Rape

Mr Shravan has a piece of advice for women. He asks women to carry condoms with them and also to cooperate when being raped, so that murder can be avoided. Basically, he means that it is obvious that by no means are the women safe in this country, at least we can avoid being killed if we co-operate. Wait, his advice is not yet over. He is deeply concerned for women and doesn’t want women to be killed. He blames women’s organisations for rape and according to him, murder is heinous, RAPE IS NOT!

Rapes Happen Because Women Are Adamant Bitches

He in his post is trying to enlighten the nation about why rapes happen, and so he further writes that the adamant nature of women is one of the reasons for being raped. He labels women as ‘adamant bitches’. The point he is trying to convey is that if women say ‘no’ to devils like him, the only option left is raping them.

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Legalising Rapes Without Violence Is The Only Way To Control These Types Of Brutal Deaths

Adding more fuel to his post, he says, “Legalising rapes without violence is the only way to control these types of brutal deaths.” Because then the rapist will not fear the society/court and leave the woman alive after raping her. He also added a note saying, “I don’t encourage rape though but this felt the right way to save a girl’s life.”

“Legalising rapes without violence is the only way to control these types of brutal deaths.”

Another ‘Man’ Posted Photos And Vulgar Comments On The Vet Using A Fake ID

The cybercrime sleuths of the Central Crime Station (CCS), Detective Department, Hyderabad arrested a youngster Chavan Sriram (22) for writing an objectionable Facebook posts about the gang-rape and murder that took place in Ranga Reddy district of Telangana. According to Joint Commissioner, DD, Avinash Mohanty, the Cyber Crime Police Station (CCPS) registered a suo moto case on November 30 and started investigation as the posts were derogatory, obscene and vulgar against women and being circulated among the youth on social media, Hans India reported.

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