Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and her family recently faced death threats from lunatic fans. The world number two Wozniacki claimed her parents were targeted. “When certain lines are crossed, it makes tennis miserable for both competitors,” she posted online.

The incident took place during the Miami Open when she lost it to Puerto Rico’s Monica Puig in her second-round on Friday (March 23). She complained of receiving verbal abuse and threats from the crowd during the match.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Wozniacki said, “I am fully aware that tennis is a game of wins and losses. However, during the match last night people in the crowd threatened my family, wished death upon my mom and dad, called me names that I can’t repeat here and told my Fiancé’s niece and nephew (who are 10 years old) to sit down and shut the f— up.”

Wozniacki also allegedly complained against the security staff and said they “accepted” the alleged abuse

The tennis star wrote: “Meanwhile security and staff did nothing to prevent this and even accepted this to take place. While I always encourage fans to cheer for their favorite player, and I thrive on a challenging atmosphere, when certain lines are crossed, it makes tennis miserable for both competitors.”

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Wozniacki also reached out to Miami Open organizers to take proper action against such fanatic fans. Following Wozniacki’s protest on social media, David Lee, who played for five teams over a 12-year NBA career, also tweeted,  calling it a “disgusting atmosphere” in Miami.

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Assuring security, tournament director James Blake said in a statement, “The security of the players is our No. 1 priority. Last night’s match between Caroline and Monica was played in front of a loud and passionate crowd. While I personally feel that no one should have to endure any sort of abuse on the court, we do our best to provide a safe and fair environment.”

Wozniacki became a first-time Grand Slam champion at the Australian Open in January this year. Explaining the uncomfortable incident, she claimed she and other family members, including children, were also mistreated.

However, the organisers denied that the security staff witnessed any abusive incident.

“It’s a horrible example to set for the next generation of tennis players and fans,” – Wozniacki

This is not the first time that a player is facing abusive experiences on court. In the past, British player Kyle Edmund received threatening messages from bettors. Then Australian player Sam Groth received threats online and following had to get in touch with the police after. And again Monica Seles, who was stabbed by a crazed fan way back in 1993, would never be able to forget the incident for sure.

This kind of behaviour in a sporting event is extremely disturbing. Authorities should be more alert in terminating such fans from entering the premises.

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