Candace Owens Is Thinking Of Running For US President

candace owens, who is Candace Owens

Conservative American commentator Candace Owens has expressed a wish to run for President of the United States. A self-professed staunch supporter of former US President Donald Trump, Owens has been openly critical of the current administration led by Democrats President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. 

Tweeting on February 7, Owens wrote, “I love America. Thinking about running for President.” When a user pointed that the Republican Party (GOP) she supports is essentially “an authoritarian white nationalist party,” insinuating that it would never nominate a Black person, Owens responded saying, “This won’t age well.” 

The minimum age for becoming President in the United States is 35. Owens who is 31 will hit that mark when the next US Election rolls around in 2024. 

Candace Owens Stirs Controversy 

Owens has often made headlines for her controversial social media commentary. Last year in December, she took a jibe at Harry Styles’ Vogue cover frill dress saying, “Bring back manly men.” She was accused of dishing out tropes of toxic masculinity after she attacked the magazine cover of the “feminisation of men.” 

Most recently, she accused US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of “faking her own attempted murder” after the latter narrated her ordeal as it happened on January 6 during the Capitol riots. Read more here.  

Candace Owens in January this year revealed she had welcomed her first child, a boy, with husband George Farmer. 

Image Credit: The Epoch Times