Can You Take Different Vaccine Doses of Vaccine? India's Top COVID Advisor Answers

After the mix-up of vaccine doses in Uttar Pradesh, the top Covid advisor, Dr. VK Paul addressed the issue stating that it is not a matter of concern. Two different doses are safe, he says.

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Dr VK Paul, India’s top Covid-19 advisor and member-health at Niti Ayog, on Thursday said that it is safe to administer two different doses of vaccines after there was a vaccine mix-up in Uttar Pradesh.

On Thursday, in a press conference held by Dr VK Paul, India’s top covid-19 advisor, clarified that it is safe to get two different doses of vaccines. He said that people should stick to the same dose as the first one preferably. However, addressing the mix-up of vaccine jabs in Uttar Pradesh he said that there is no cause of concern.

The statement was addressed to the incident that took place in Siddharthnagar district of Uttar Pradesh where 20 villagers got Covaxin in the second dose after been vaccinated with Covishield in the first jab. The people were worried about the side effects and inefficiency of the mixed doses.

“Two different doses are safe. We are thinking to mix and match (vaccine doses) on a trial basis.” Dr Paul clarified in his statement.

“Our protocol is very clear that anybody who has to take a second dose of vaccine should stick to the same dose of vaccine as the first one. Regarding this incident, there should be an enquiry in this matter. But I can say that even if the second dose of a different vaccine is given, there is any significant adverse effect unlikely.” He added.

The Chief Medical Officer of the district addressed the incident that took place in Siddharthnagar stating it as negligence on the part of the medical workers. He said, “There are no such guidelines from the government of India on any kind of ‘cocktail’ of vaccines and hence this is a matter of negligence.”

He called for an enquiry in the matter and said that actions will be taken against the people who will be found guilty in the probe.

“An enquiry was ordered in this case and our senior officers went to the spot and conducted an enquiry. On the basis of which clarification has been asked from people who have been named in the enquiry report. After this proper action will be taken against those who will be found guilty.” He said while addressing the media.

The people who administered mixed-up doses are well and are not experiencing any side effects as confirmed by the CMO.

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