Bundeli Women Fast For Hosp On Karwa Chauth

teej, satya paul karwa chauth 2020

Fasting on Karwa Chauth took on a whole new meaning for some Bundeli women in Mahoba earlier this week. They didn’t just pray for their husbands’ long lives but also for a premier healthcare institution like AIIMS.

“We want to draw the attention of authorities towards the plight of people who do not get medical facilities in Bundelkhand. Bundeli people have been demanding such an institute for long and hope our prayers will be heard soon,” Tara Patkar, coordinator of the campaign, observed as a ‘nirjala vrat’, for setting up an AIIMS unit in Bundelkhand, told TOI.

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DWA_728X90_ver3 (1) According to reports, a similar push was made during Ramzan. Also, lakhs of people had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this matter. Patkar himself is doing his bit since the past eight months, trying to get the Centre’s attention to this crucial issue, but so far nothing has worked.

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“We have quit eating foodgrains and are surviving only on fruits since October 15. Today, married Bundeli sisters joined us and observed ‘nirjala vrat’. They not only prayed for their husbands’ long life, but also performed special ‘puja’ for AIIMS,” Patkar claimed.

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The campaign for a health institute is on since March. Around 1.5 crore postcards have been sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, appealing that an AIIMS like institute be set up in Mahoba district which has a population of more than 10 lakh.

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