BSF Rush Pregnant Woman To Hospital At India-Bangladesh Border

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In West Bengal BSF Rush Pregnant Woman To Hospital: The Border Security Forces (BSF) rushed a pregnant woman to the hospital near the India-Bangladesh border in Nadia, West Bengal.

Mahendra outpost’s Company Commander received information that Sarathi Sardar who is a woman from the Pepule Beria village was in labour. She was reportedly about to deliver a child and there was no one in the house who could help her get to the hospital.

B Madhusudan Rao, Commanding Officer of the 8th battalion of BSF said, “The commander of the border outpost then sent a vehicle along with a nursing assistant and a female guard to the house of Sarathi Sardar. The pregnant woman was then taken, along with her mother to the Community Health Centre in Bagula, West Bengal.”

Madhusudan Rao further added, “Such actions result in the strengthening of the mutual relationship between the Border Security Force and the people of the area.” The doctor immediately admitted her after preliminary examinations according to Rao. The pregnant woman’s mother expressed her gratitude towards BSF.

Similar Incidences

Last year, a Border Security Forces constable from Jaipur rejected Rs 11 lakhs which were offered to him in Dowry. He accepted a coconut (regarded to be holy) and Rs 11 from the bride’s parents instead. He further added that the bride’s education is more important than gifts.

Women In BSF

Talking about women in BSF, Tanu Shree Pareek first woman combat officer in the Border Security Forces. Pareek broke BSF’s 51-year-old record of not having a single woman in combat until 2016.

While mentioning about her childhood interest in combat she said, “I was the kind of student who would participate often in extra-curricular activities like playing badminton, joining judo classes and the NCC etc. So till 10th, I was not sure of what I wanted to do but uniform and forces always attracted me. Then when I joined an engineering college and enrolled in NCC, I realized that I didn’t want to work with machines.”