What the Internet Thinks About Britney Spears’ Reaction To Framing Britney Spears

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In an Instagram post, singer Britney Spears expressed how she feels about the month-old Framing Britney Spears documentary that is about her career and life. This post of Spears has received a lot of mixed feedback and reactions from the Internet.

Britney Spears’ Reaction to Framing Britney Spears

Addressing the documentary that revolves around her career and her life, Britney Spears broke her silence and took to Instagram to write about how she feels.


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The 39-year-old singer expressed how her life has always been out there for everyone to speculate and judge in a recent Instagram post. She felt that the media has always been out there to embarrass her and bring her down– both back then and now.

Talking about how the media has insulted her, embarrassed her, and judged her continuously in the post, she wrote: “I was embarrassed by the light they put me in”.

Spears said that although she did not watch the documentary, it made her cry for two weeks after it was released. She also talked about how it still makes her cry now.

The Internet’s Reaction to Britney’s Instagram post

Over the emotional captioned post made by Britney, the internet has a mixed reaction to the caption and the post itself.

While some fans have expressed how they feel for Britney and the things that she has to go through because of the media, others did not believe that it was the singer herself who wrote the caption.

Tracing the roots back to Spears being under a court-mended conservatorship, fans have long speculated and believed that she has not been writing her own captions for her own Instagram posts. A lot of fans believed that this post was just one of the manipulated ones.

Actor Chrishell Stause has also commented on her post and wrote: “Instead of dancing, can we get a video of you typing your own captions next time? I want to believe you it’s you speaking for yourself, but I am skeptical 😩We love you!💕”

From the comments section, there were multiple comments like Stause’s. “Seems Britney is not writing this”, “Lmao Britney did not write that caption…” were some of them. Fans expressed how they would believe this message only if they heard her say it herself.

Aside from this, many fans also apologised for what the media had done to her life and reassured her of how much people still love and appreciate her for her strength. “Not once did I judge you while watching the documentary,” said one Instagrammer to reassure Spears, who wrote that she was deeply embarrassed.

Another comment said, “The documentary helped people realize that you are a HUMAN with true struggles and feelings. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.”

The comment went on to say, “If anything it made me admire you more because of all you overcame. You’re an amazing artist, performer, mother and human. Please don’t be ashamed. Be proud. You’re amazing.”

All in all, the comments and the reactions were full of love for Britney Spears and her well-being. Even the fans who doubted the message from the singer were all concerned about her well-being and shows how much they admire Spears’ strength despite everything she has been put through.