British Woman Booked For Killing Punjab Origin Elderly Woman

A British woman has been sent to jail for seven years on account of the murder of an elderly woman of Punjab-origin woman in the UK. The incident reportedly occurred at a hospital.

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In a shocking incident from the United Kingdom, a 56-year-old British woman was booked for murder after she pleaded guilty to killing an 83-year-old elderly woman of Punjab Origin in the UK. 


The British woman identified as Philomena Wilson alias Brenda January 2021 was admitted to the City Hospital in Birmingham. It was after she was she allegedly started off an unprovoked attack on an 83-year-old fellow patient. 

British Woman Held For Killing Punjab Origin Elderly Woman:

Wilson was admitted to the hospital after she assaulted and wounded another victim before she attacked the elderly woman. According to the hospital staff, Wilson launched an unprovoked assault on the elderly woman punching her face repetitively and banging her head on the floor. When hospital staff rushed to stop the assault Wilson attacked even them giving them some minor injuries.

After the attack elderly woman suffered a brain fracture and after a week, the elderly woman succumbed to her injuries caused by the attack. The deceased is identified as Vidya Kaur who has her roots in Punjab, India.

Wilson initially claimed to have no memories of her attack on the deceased elderly woman but later pleaded guilty to murdering an elderly woman due to diminished responsibility and an unstable state of mind. Wilson is now sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment in the Birmingham Crown Court and would further spend another 5 years under extended five years of licence provisions or monitoring at the end of her 7 years of imprisonment. 

A police officer from West Midlands Police Homicide Team said that the family of the deceased elderly woman have had to wait for a long time for justice. The officer said she hopes that this would bring some closure to the family expressing her condolence for their loss. 


A similar incident happened in London when a 27-year-old Indian-origin student from Hyderabad was stabbed to death in her residential apartment by a 24-year-old Brazilian knifeman. The reasons for the attack were unknown.

Another attack took place earlier this year on a 38-year-old Indian-origin man in the UK who was stabbed to death in London 2 days later when the Hyderabad student was stabbed to death by a Brazilian knifeman. 

There have been a string of knife attacks in The UK especially on many Indian-origin people along with others as well. 

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