A girl hailing from Lucknow’s Nagram area refused to tie the marital knot on Monday. Reason? A few drunkards in the groom’s wedding procession allegedly created ruckus and assaulted the girl’s brother.

The girl’s family members tried to persuade her to not cancel the marriage but she didn’t pay heed to them. The groom’s side had to return in the morning after sorting out the expenses made by both parties.

How it started

It all started when a few drunk people from the groom’s side got into a brawl during a dance and someone hit the bride’s brother Dharmedra with a stone. After that, a fight broke out between both sides and Dharmendra was badly injured.

The girl’s gutsy move

It didn’t escalate into something big and the matter was sorted out. In fact, the marriage rituals were being carried out when there was one more altercation and the girl’s brother was once again beaten up.

Outraged by all this, the girl resolved not to get married. Interestingly, the villagers are praising her for her stand. The police also reached the venue after hearing about the incident.

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Similar incidents

Last year, Priyanka Tripathi called off her own wedding when she saw her to-be husband Anubhav Mishra doing a Naagin Dance at his own wedding. The gutsy bride tied the marital knot with someone else the next day.

Even though the groom’s family tried to convince her to marry Mishra, the adamant bride refused. The groom had to then shamefacedly return home with his family. At one point, the skirmish threatened to get violent, and so the police were called. The incident occurred in Shahjahanpur in UP.

Earlier in 2017, another badass bride, 22-year-old Sunita Singh, called off her wedding because her fiancé failed a drug test.

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