Bride And Groom Literally On Fire At Wedding, Video Goes Viral

bride and groom on fire video
For a wedding to go viral on social media, it can’t be just anyone. It requires some special element or factor that we have not seen before. Stuntman Gabe Jessop and his wife Ambyr Bambyr Mishelle got married recently. They, of course, did not want to go by the conventional wedding entries. Therefore, they chose to do the wedding entry their way and with a tinge of thrill and suspense.

A bride and groom from the United States have done something that has not been done before in weddings. They have made their wedding entry with a tinge of thrill and suspense. Stuntman Gabe Jessop and his wife Ambyr Bambyr Mishelle got married recently by doing stunts on their bikes!

This concept may have never been used before but it is sure to be a hit in future weddings. When Gabe Jessop, who is a stuntman by profession, decided to get married to his sweetheart Ambyr Bambyr Mishelle, he knew exactly what he wanted out of his wedding entry. They did not want any regular old traditional wedding with just plain boring walking down the aisle. So what did Mr. Jessop do? He got on a motorcycle and rode down the aisle with his bride Ambyr Bambyr at full throttle.

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Bride and Groom on fire video

With their wedding just around the corner, a couple decided to do a photo op where they set themselves on fire. But, not without taking the necessary precautions first. After exchanging their wedding vows, the bride and groom wanted to do a special photo op where they set themselves on fire. Well, you heard that right. They wanted to have photos taken of them walking together hand-in-hand while engulfed in flames. And yes, this actually happened!

A picture truly is worth a thousand words, especially when it’s as unique as this one. The newlyweds took a photo of themselves in front of the guests with one brave photographer who snapped the moment on camera. They looked straight into the lens without any smiles or tears but instead, the bride and groom seemed in deep thought about their future. But then something happened: the bride suddenly planted a kiss on her groom’s head and placed his hand on fire with a lighter. She also started burning hers too, to which he did not hesitate to do likewise. They have just exchanged wedding vows and now they are starting something new together – walking hand-in-hand while burning themselves alive in style!

Taking to Instagram, the 25-year-old reality star shared a photo from her plane spotting trip in LA and captioned it: “I’ve got a serious thing for planes.”