Breast Cancer Research: 6 big developments that took place in the past week

Feb 04, 2016 07:24 IST
Ratna Golaknath

The past one week has been a breakthrough in the area of Breast Cancer Research and Innovation. Keeping in view that it is a disease that happens mostly to women and the fact that there is a disproportionate amount of research specific to women, it seems like womanhood is at the beginning of an era of better times.


 1. A step ahead in drug therapy:

Johns Hopkins Medical Institute released a paper on Monday that suggested how cells cluster together to form a cancer. This is seen as a step forward in developing drug therapies to prevent and delay the growth of cancer cells during metastasis, which is the most difficult stage to treat.

2. Early detection of Breast cancer, without any incisions!


ViraTech Corp. entered into an agreement with Missouri S&T to commercially produce P-Scan, a non-invasive procedure tech to detect early cancers with greater accuracy.

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3. UK builds a high-speed, digital mammogram:


Meanwhile, similar technology is scheduled to be unveiled at the BMI Thornsbury Hospital at South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom on February 18. It's a digital mammogram that provides a clearer image in quicker time, minimising the possibility of inconvenience or misdiagnosis.

4. Breastfeeding and breast cancer:

The World Cancer Research Fund International released a study that revealed that women who breastfeed for atleast a year after childbirth are at 5% lower risk of developing a Breast Cancer;


5. Diet to prevent breast cancer:

An American Research conducted at the Harvard Chan School, led by Maryam Farvid, revealed that women who consume food with high dietary fibre during adolescence and young womanhood, reduce risk of overall breast cancer by 16% and pre-menopausal breast cancer by 24%;

6. Your breast knows if you will get cancer:


Another Study conducted by the department of Women's Cancer at UCL suggested that DNA of a healthy breast tissue can reveal the presence of cancer tissue in the patient. This is being seen as another big step in the direction of saving lives from breast cancer, as it will help understand how the cancer develops;



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