Brazil announces equal pay for male and female footballers

Australia Women Footballers

In some progressive news, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) has decided to pay their men and women footballers equally. The governing body of football appointed two women’s soccer supervisors, Duda Luizelli and Aline Pellegrino.  

CBF admits “it is part of the journey of transformation” to finally bring equality in football. The Federation’s chief Rogerio Caboclo said that “there is no more gender difference, the CBF is treating men and women footballers equally.”

In 2007, the governing body launched a women’s league and cup competition. Women footballers in Brazil reached the World Cup final in 2007. 

In India

Women and men footballers are not paid equally. Earlier SheThePeople.TV spoke to one of India’s brightest talents in Football, Dalima Chibber on this issue. She says, “I feel women’s football lacks the financial security and support. It is hard for us to think of sustaining on the money we get from playing. Most of the players are working side-by-side which hampers training schedule as it is also important for us to financially support our families. Since some players are working, one major problem is to get holidays sanctioned by the firms each time we aim to hit the ground for practice.”

Other Countries

In United States last year, the women’s team sued the governing body U.S Soccer for discrimination in earning between male and female players. According to Forbes, the United States women’s soccer teams have given more revenue than the men’s team over the past few years. The women’s team have proved themselves by earning four Olympic Gold medals and three World cups. 

 Australia’s soccer’s governing body in November diminished the pay gap between the men and women players. Now New Zealand and Norway also want to pay their sportsmen and women equally.

Gender pay gap in Sports

Female athletes are raising their voices on this pay disparity across the world. They say they have the right to earn equal pay for their equal efforts in sports. Shebani Bhaskar, captain of the US women’s national cricket team, talked to SheThePeople.TV stating, “When compared to the huge annual financial outlay, the government has not done a great job of results-oriented sports promotion in India.”

Sagrika Giri is an intern with SheThePeople.TV