Maneka Gandhi Audio Controversy: Here’s Why Vets Are Protesting Against The MP

maneka gandhi audio controversy, CC
Maneka Gandhi audio controversy has stirred a boycott trend on Twitter, with social media users demanding action against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader for allegedly abusing a veterinary doctor.

A purported audio clip of Gandhi lambasting a vet named Vikas for amputating an injured dog’s leg has gone viral online. The Indian Veterinary Association (IVA) in protest against Gandhi is observing a Black Day on June 23. They have also raised the matter in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, as per reports. Read more on the case here.

Maneka Gandhi Audio Controversy: 5 Things To Know

1. On Tuesday, an alleged leaked audio clip of a conversation between Lok Sabha MP Maneka Gandhi and a veterinarian began doing rounds on social media. The woman, allegedly Gandhi, was enquiring about a dog whose stitches and amputation she claimed weren’t done properly.

2. The woman in the audio used a slew of Hindi expletives against the vet, threatening to suspend his license. She further urged him to redo the animal’s treatment with his own expenses.

3. The IVA, in response to the incident, has issued a strong statement protesting “the high handed act for use of abusive and filthy language” used by Gandhi and in a notification called for vets across the country to don black bands while discharging duty on Wednesday.

Visuals of protests at vet institutions and centres are going viral on social media:

4. In their letter to PM Narendra Modi, the IVA mentions they previously “requested her to refrain from using disgraceful and derogatory comments” and that in abusing a vet she has passed the rule of law. The association has also warned of intensifying their agitation if Gandhi “doesn’t reverse her attitude.”

5. The Indian Veterinary Council Act 1984 is instituted to look into unprofessional behaviour by vets. The IVA claim in blaming a vet without investigation in the said case, Gandhi has passed the rule of law.