BJP MLA’s Safety Advice For Girls: ‘Don’t Have Boyfriends’

BJP MLA safety advice girls boyfriends

In what seems like a marathon of demeaning and unwanted list of comments and suggestions made by people in power, another bizarre one has been added to the list.

BJP MLA, Pannalal Shakya, continues his streak of showering bizarre comments at public places. As reported by TOI, during an event at a Madhya Pradesh college, he advised girls to not make boyfriends.

“Why do girls make boyfriends? If they stop doing this, the atrocities against them will stop,” Shakya told students of Guna Govt College.  He added, “A TV channel recently asked for my comment on atrocities against women in Madhya Pradesh. I told them what I told you just now.”

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And it gets worse!

The politician also suggested that boys withhold from making girlfriends, which according to him, is “western culture”. He didn’t stop at this, adding that International Women’s Day is a foreign tradition that shouldn’t be observed.

Quoting his exact statement, “In the Indian philosophy, women are held in high regard and we celebrate Women’s Day four times annually. We worship them four times.”

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In December 2017, the BJP leader had openly criticised Team India captain Virat Kohli and actor-producer, Anushka Sharma, on their wedding ceremony which took place in Italy. He raised questions on Kohli’s patriotism and passed illogical remarks.

What gets you even more agitated is the fact that a mindset as conservative and objectionable as his is given a platform to address the young brigade time and time again. It’s high time people with such mindsets were eliminated from politics. Only then can our country progress in the true sense.

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