Bihar Horror: Woman Gangraped, Hung Naked From Electric Pole And Left To Die. She Survives

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Bihar gangrape: A woman was brutally gangraped, beaten and noosed to an electric pole in Bihar’s Vibhutipur area Tuesday, as per reports. She was found in an unconscious state by locals where the assaulters had left her to die. She was rushed to hospital where she is currently in a critical state.

The horrific case reiterates the urgent need for the implementation of safety measures for women in India. In Bihar alone, data shows 1330 rape cases were lodged in 2020. The same year, the state recorded shocking numbers of approximately four gangrapes or rapes every single day, reports say.

(Trigger Warning: The following contains details of sexual assault that some may find extremely disturbing. Reader discretion highly advised.) 

As per India Todaythe survivor was out on May 25 to use an open toilet when some men accosted her and led her to an isolated place. She was allegedly gangraped and threatened with death if she complained. Hanging her naked by an electric pole in the area, they reportedly left her there thinking she died.

Villagers on their way to work spotted the woman by the side of the road and raised the alarm. She was taken to a sub-divisional hospital nearby but was referred to another one, where she is now undergoing treatment.

Bihar Gangrape Sends Shockwaves, Labourers Suspected

Reports claim there were preparations of a wedding ceremony in the woman’s family, due to which the area was crowded with unknown persons. There was an influx of labourers involved in tent and other set-up for the event. Locals suspect the involvement of these labourers in the Bihar gangrape case.

Police have reportedly not made any arrests till now and investigations in the case are underway.

The survivor, fighting for life in hospital, is yet unable to speak or communicate details about her assaulters.