Bhopal Woman Is Sole Indian Painter In Landmark Van Gogh Film

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Shuchi Muley from Bhopal is the only Indian among 107 artists chosen to paint in the world’s first painted animation feature film, Loving Vincent, reported the Times of India.

Muley (34) is a computer programmer-turned-artist, and is working on the film in Poland.

According to the film’s website, the artists will paint about 62,450 frames in oil on over 1,000 canvases. The movie was first shot with real actors on sets that looked like Van Gogh paintings. Frames were then edited with computer animation, and given to the artists who were tasked with recreating them in Van Gogh’s style. Twelve paintings cover only one second of the film on the edit table.

Shuchi Muley is a painter for loving VIncent

Source: Visual News

“Each of us brings our own style to the table, but we have been trained in the distinctive Van Gogh genre. The atmosphere here is tense as we are approaching the deadline,” she told TOI.

Muley quit her programming job in 2014 to pursue art. Amazingly, she is not formally trained in art!

Watch how each scene is painted:

“I came across the ‘Loving Vincent’ movie trailer on Facebook. The idea sounded incredible and I promised myself I would be a part of the film. I applied with my portfolio on their website and on the FB page,” she told TOI. She said she was tested for three days in Poland, and underwent two weeks of training after getting selected for Oscar winner, Hugh Welchman’s project.

Watch the trailer of this beautifully made movie below.

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Bhopal Woman Is Sole Indian Painter In Landmark Van Gogh Film
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