Berlin Permits Women To Swim Topless Should They Choose To: How A Complaint Led To Decision?

Berlin Permits Women To Swim Topless
While Germany is known for embracing public nudity, there still are rules that hold differently for its women in some parts of the country. With more women demanding a space where they can exercise their wish to go topless at the public swimming pools in Berlin, the city’s laws around the same were finally bent after a controversial complaint popped up recently.

Germany’s capital Berlin has now permitted women to swim topless in the city’s public swimming pools after a woman filed a complaint citing discrimination. Most part of Germany practises Freikörperkultur, which is called a free body culture, where people are allowed to embrace their nudity publicly.

Berlin Permits Women To Swim Topless

According to a report by BBC, a woman filed a complaint mentioning how she was insulted at an open-air swimming pool because she was topless. In her complaint, the woman stated, she was “thrown out for sunbathing topless,” and that it demeaned her publicly.

The city’s authorities took the complaint seriously not just because it was the first incident of discrimination but because it was one of many. Another woman had filed a complaint earlier stating that she was told to immediately cover her shelf up last year at an indoor swimming pool as she was swimming topless.

The authorities took all complaints into consideration and announced in a new ruling that going forward, women will be permitted to swim topless if they want to and that no one can stop them from doing so.

The complaints cited how these instances directly indicate sheer discrimination against the female gender as men have for so long been allowed to swim shirtless at public pools.

The woman whose identity has not been revealed surely brought a change in the system that was both crooked and discriminatory in the city. The head of the senate ombudsperson’s office Doris Liebscher stated in the media that this decision established equal rights for not just women but also non-binary people and thus set an example of inclusivity.

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