A 22-year-old woman survived a lethal fall into a well in Devanahalli in Bengaluru Rural district. She spent three days in the open, dry, 60-foot-deep well, without food and water. The incident happened after her Instagram friend allegedly tried to kill her by pushing her into a well. She was rescued by police on Tuesday. The Vijayapura police have also detained the accused on the charge of attempt to murder.

The woman resides in a village near Malur in Kolar district. She was rescued by fire and emergency services personnel on Tuesday afternoon. The woman’s presence in the well was realised by the nearby residents when a villager heard someone screaming from the well. The villager raised an alarm, after which rescue operation took place immediately.

The woman met the accused on Instagram a month ago

Reportedly, the accused is a man named Adarsha alias Adi, 22. The woman had befriended him on the social media platform Instagram around a month ago. She is married to a private company employee and has a son from the wedlock, the police said. The accused, Adi, had expressed his desire to meet the woman in person. She agreed and arrived in Devanahalli  in the evening last week on Saturday. Adi received her from there and took her to a farmhouse in A Ranganathapura, a village in the district, on his two-wheeler. The farmhouse apparently belonged to one of the villagers.

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“I reached Devanahalli around 5.30pm and he picked me up on his scooter. He told me that he would show me his farmhouse and took me there. He started expressing his desire to marry me. I rejected his proposal, saying I’m already married and have a son. But he didn’t listen and started forcing me to marry him. He threatened to kill me if I rejected his proposal and pushed me into the well. He fled the spot, cursing me that I die there,” she told police. The accused Adi fled the spot.

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After the villagers informed the police about a woman in a well, a crane was called to lift her out of the well. She was dehydrated and sent for a check-up. The woman is undergoing treatment in a nearby hospital. She has sustained some injuries and fractures. According to the police, she was saved due to bushes in the well, which might have created a cushion underneath the woman.

Shikha Chandra is an intern with SheThePeople.TV 

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