Bengaluru Safety App: How Likely Are The City’s Women to Download It?

The Bengaluru city police have launched a safety app for women – temporarily named SOS App Bangalore Police. This is meant to provide with immediate help to women when in dire situation.

Why the delay in launching a city-based safety app?

The SOS has already got over thousand downloads on Google Play Store even before the official launch. But many are asking the question – why did it take so long for Bengaluru police to launch an app that other cities have had for a while? The city has been paranoid about safety especially after the mob molestation on New Year’s Eve.

Bengaluru city police app for women's safety

(Pic Credit: Bangalore Mirror)

What’s the current status?

The official statement said that the app has gone through several feasibility tests before coming out in the market. Due to a heavy demand, those who downloaded the trial run of this app, are now facing issues with bugs. The mail problem the developers now are handling is that to solve the issue with an alert system. Once a user opening the app, an immediately alert is automatically getting send to the police control room without even pressing the SOS button.

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Although, when Bangalore Mirror contacted the developers, they said that the download rate has been high for the app and they were trying to fix the bugs.

“We have received complaints saying that the moment they open the app, the trigger goes to the command center. We are trying to fix the problem and will have the end product ready in a week,” said a coder with Trinity Developer, a software firm working with the city police on the project.

Also the command centre confirmed the glitch. A source there said: “We received SOS calls from the app, but when our personnel called them back, they were told it automatically triggered the alarm. We do not have a count of the calls though.”

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Hopefully, once the problem is solved, the city women will get a fresh new app in the coming days.

So how does the app work?

In case of any kind of danger, all you need to do is press the power button of the phone five times. Remember, you need to activate the GPRS in your mobile and the internet connection should be on. after pushing the button, smart and carefully hold the phone in front of predators. By doing so, the back camera which switches on automatically will record a 10-second video. In very short time of span, the trigger will be sent to the control room, along with the video.

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Once the police personnel at the control room get the notification, they will immediately call the attacked person. The video feature will enable them to send a Hoysala team to the spot, which will help you seek aid depending on the intensity of the crime. Menawhile, an emergency message will be send to the primary and the secondary contacts with location details. The nearest Hoysala will be directed to the exact location to aid the person in distress and rescue them.

How to download it?

Android users can download the app from the app store and for iOS user the  operating systems is on a trial run.

Objective and some responses from Bangalore women:

When asked Bangalore women as to how likely they are to download the app?  SheThePeople reached out to women about their keenness. Devika Gupta said that she would not download until she knew the app worked hundred percent. On the contrary, Pooja Singh lauded the initiative saying, “The app’s objective is safety of women and it is designed simply. I will surely give it a try.” On the other hand, Nithya Menon says, “It was announced that launching of the safety app is for tackling crimes against women in a large number. If the city police aim to do so, we women would help achieving that goal anyhow.” Aadarshini K defended the issue adding, “Women’s safety in the state is highly observant but what took it so long to coming out in the market. But a good initiative indeed!”

Better late than never Bengaluru Government but hopefully the measures will go beyond the App?

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