Bengaluru Nursing Home Asks Woman In Labour To Vacate After She Tests Positive For COVID-19

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A Bengaluru nursing home reportedly threw a woman in labour out of their hospital, after she tested positive for COVID-19. The woman, who reportedly hails from Sikkim is 34 years old and has been visiting the nursing home, right from when she conceived, for check-ups. Two days ago, the hospital authorities reportedly took the woman’s swab and the reports tested positive for COVID-19.

The Nursing Home Refused To Admit The Woman When She Was In Severe Labour Pain

The hospital reportedly refused to admit the woman at a time when she was in labour pain. “She developed labor pain around 11:30 am on Sunday and her family took her to Asha Nursing Home in Viveknagar. Around 2:30 pm they sent her out of the hospital and refused to admit her, while she was in severe labor pain. They said they cannot treat someone with suspected COVID-19 symptoms. She was made to sit in a chair outside the nursing home,” a close friend of the family said, The New Indian Express reported.

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The Incident

The woman had her delivery scheduled on July 8, but she went into labour on Saturday, due to which she was immediately rushed to the nursing home. However, there, the hospital staff took the swab samples of women and figured out that the woman is COVID-19 positive, The News Minute reported. “And once the test result came back positive on Sunday afternoon, they stopped treating her and removed the saline drip she was given and told her to vacate,” added the friend.

She added, “She was in immense pain but still they did not attend to her, telling her to go to a COVID-19 hospital.” The hospital in question, Asha Nursing Home had reportedly admitted the woman 10 years ago when she delivered her first child.

The woman finally delivered a baby at a private hospital in Malleshwaram at around 7 AM on Monday.

Commissioner for Health and Family Welfare, Pankaj Kumar Pandey  said,”We have a chain of maternity hospitals and will get in touch with them for a discussion. They have to reserve 50 percent of their beds for COVID-19 treatment. As for this case, we will look into what action we can take.”

Other Such Cases

This is not the first case where a woman was denied admission in the hospital owing to COVID-19 fear. A pregnant woman in Dehradun with pregnancy complications was refused admission in hospitals that suspected her to be COVID-19 positive. The woman died later, after giving birth to twins. Another such case came to light from Haridwar, where the hospital administration asked the pregnant woman to first get the COVID-19 test done, and only then they will allow her inside the hospital. Another woman denied admission in hospital delivered a baby at home in Mumbai.

Picture Credit- MediaNews4U

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