Shocking: Bengaluru Dentist Throws Specially-Abled Daughter From 4th Floor

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A Bengaluru-based dentist threw her daughter from the balcony of the 4th floor of her residential building. In the video, she can be seen trying to jump off herself after throwing her daughter but is stopped by other people.

The incident happened in the SR Nagar in the northern part of the city on August 4. The woman’s act was caught on camera on the floor, based on which police immediately took action. The woman alleged that her child was hearing and speech impaired because of which she was in distress and took such a grave step. The child couldn’t survive the injuries and died on spot.

Bengaluru Dentist Throws Daughter Off 4th Floor

The dentist, named Sushma Bharadwaj, was married to software engineer Kiran, and lived with their four-year-old daughter in Bengaluru. Her husband filed a police case against the accused after which she was taken into custody for questioning and investigation. When she threw the child, the woman climbed the railings of the balcony and stood there for some time, as seen in the video, in an alleged fake attempt to jump off, but was interrupted by her neighbours. They yanked her from the railing and pinned her to the ground to stop her.

The woman had allegedly attempted to abandon her daughter two months ago as well by leaving her at a railway station. The child, according to one of the residents, was breathing when help arrived for her and was even taken to hospital, but died before reaching there due to her injuries.

It is being suspected that the mother was suffering from depression the police is trying to find clues regarding her mental health and the reason behind taking such a drastic step. Recently, there have been many reported incidents of mothers harming their children, sometimes leading to their death.

In Chhattisgarh, a woman allegedly smashed her two-year-old son on the floor in 2021, alleging that she grew tired of his demands to be breastfed. The boy succumbed to his injuries and passed away. A year before that, a woman allegedly killed her four daughters, after being pressured to bear a son.

Just last month, the video of a five-year-old girl left tied up on hot roof by her mother went viral on social media. The woman had allegedly punished her daughter in this chilling manner for not completing her homework. Read about it here.

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