Bengaluru Cab Driver Sends Nudes To Customer: When Will We Learn?

In a distressing incident, a Bengaluru cab driver sent obscene and vulgar pictures to a customer on WhatsApp who cancelled the ride at the last moment.

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In a distressing incident, a Bengaluru cab driver sent obscene and vulgar pictures to a customer on WhatsApp who cancelled the ride at the last moment.


Details Of The Incident

The mother of a six-year-old girl and a nine-month-old baby had gone to collect her daughter from school on a hot, sunny day. It was then that her daughter requested a cab ride instead of walking due to the weather. 

As reported by the Free Press Journal, Unable to find a rickshaw, the mother opted to use a private cab-hailing app to book a ride. Unfortunately, the driver was delayed, so in the meantime, the woman found an auto-rickshaw.

Afterwards, the woman was in the auto-rickshaw when the cab driver called her and engaged in a heated argument with her over the cancellation of the ride. The driver insisted that he had already travelled 5 kilometres and pressured the woman to continue the ride. Despite the woman's pleas and apologies, he continued to press the issue and repeatedly called her. Frustrated, the woman eventually sought assistance from the police.

Along with vulgar and dirty texts, the driver even sent the woman pictures of herself in her underwear. The woman broke down and told her neighbour about the experience. The driver subsequently deleted many messages and stopped calling when the neighbour reprimanded him, gave him a hard time, and threatened to share the screenshots with the authorities.

Police have filed a complaint under the applicable provisions and are currently searching for the driver and looking into the situation.


When Will We Learn?

This recent incident underscores the importance of tackling harassment in the ridesharing community. It leaves us questioning the safety measures in place and the ethics of some individuals operating within the taxi industry.

The issue of safety within platforms is not new, but it is one that is often overlooked. Passengers should be able to trust that when they request a ride, they will be picked up by a courteous and professional driver who respects their personal boundaries. However, as we've seen from this particular incident, that is not always the case.

One area that requires immediate attention is the background checks and vetting processes for drivers. While the majority of drivers are decent and respectful individuals, it only takes one bad actor to make an innocent passenger's journey a living nightmare. 

The case in question highlights the importance of creating a safe and anonymous reporting system, which allows passengers to share their concerns without fear of retaliation. Furthermore, such reports must be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.

It is not just a matter of customer service; it is a matter of human dignity and safety that we should all demand and expect.

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