West Bengal Lesbian Couple Sexually Assaulted And Brutalised Over Their Relationship

West Bengal Lesbian Couple Sexually Assaulted
Two women were severely beaten, assaulted, and had iron rods inserted in their private areas by a gang of men over the claims that survivors were “lesbians,” police reportedly said on Tuesday. The incident took place in West Bengal’s Murshidabad district.

The gang of men invaded the home on the night of October 25 in the village of Authua, where the two girls were sleeping in a room. Three persons, including survivors’ family members, questioned why the girls slept in the same bed. The trio then severely assaulted them and scorched their pelvis area with hot rods for being “lesbians”. “When the three men tried to rape them, they managed to escape and took shelter in a field, “the grandmother of one of the survivors’ reportedly said.  According to sources, a case was filed three days after the incident out of fear.

West Bengal Lesbian Couple Sexually Assaulted

According to India Today, the men threatened to expose their relationship if anyone else got to know about the incident.

One of the three accused, Sahebul Sheikh, appeared before a Murshidabad court on Monday and was given a seven-day police detention order. Kadam and Saheb, two other suspects, are still at large. Superintendent of the Jangipur police district Bholanath Pandey stated, “We arrested one of the three accused, and the search is on to arrest the rest.”

The reports state that the villagers knew about the two women’s relationship. One of the victims, who claimed that the accused tried to rape them, confirmed their relationship. “We are in a relationship; no one restrained us. Had we been warned, we would not have pursued. Three of them molested us, touched us uncomfortably, and tried to rape us,” the survivor said to India Today. She further alleged that the men had made many incisions in their thighs and abdomen.

According to the police, homosexual relationships are not acceptable in rural regions, and once girls are labelled as lesbians, they are prone to exploitation. It’s possible that raping the two helpless girls was the actual intent. If they are labelled lesbians in remote areas, it becomes simpler to take advantage of them, a police officer reportedly said.

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