Man Booked For Beating Up Woman Inside City Temple: B’luru Police

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An official of the Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple in the Amruthahalli neighbourhood is being investigated by Bengaluru police for allegedly assaulting and dragging a woman outside the temple, according to a video that has gone viral on social media.

In the popular video, a man can be seen dragging the woman by her hair across the temple floor. She tries to stop him, but he lunges for her dupatta and pushes her out the temple door. A priest and another man are seen witnessing the incident but doing nothing to help. According to the video, as the woman struggles, the man begins to slap her before reaching for a rod to thrash her.

Man Booked For Beating Up Woman Inside City Temple: B’luru Police

Hemavathi, the victim, filed a complaint with the Amruthahalli police station after the incident, alleging that the accused is Munikrishna, a “dharamdarshi” of the temple in the Amruthahalli neighbourhood and that the incident took place on December 21.

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The case was filed on Thursday, according to Anoop Shetty, the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) for the northeast. “Based on the complaint, we have filed a case charging assault and outraging a woman’s modesty.” Although the incident happened on December 21, the complaint wasn’t made until Wednesday. We’re looking into it. We have not yet made an arrest in this case. The incident is being looked into,” he said.

The victim was not identified in the complaint as a member of any tribe or scheduled case, according to the DCP, so police did not file a case under the SC/ST Act.
In the meantime, Munikrishna reported to the police that the woman wanted to sit close to the idol in the sanctum sanctorum and claimed that Lord Venkateshwara was her husband. She reportedly spit on the priest after her demand was denied, and she was then told to leave. He told the police that the woman was beaten and dragged out because she refused to listen.

According to the reports, he said, “She wanted to enter the sanctum sanctorum and sit next to the idol. She said she was Narasimha’s wife and should sit beside the lord.”

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