BBC To Review Editorial Policies After 1995 Diana Panorama Interview Report

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Broadcaster BBC is set to review its “editorial policies and governance” after Princess Diana interview fiasco in the hope that the mistakes shall not be repeated again.

The BBC Board announced that it will review its editorial policies after Lord Dyson’s inquiry in Princess Diana’s 1995 Panorama interview.

It released a statement acknowledging the mistakes mentioned in the 127-page report that revealed that BBC covered up “deceitful behaviour” committed by journalist Martin Bashir for the interview.

The board hoped that the “mistakes of the past” will not be repeated in the future in its statement. “We accepted Lord Dyson’s findings in full and reiterate the apology we have offered to all those affected by the failings identified.” It said.

As mentioned by the Board, a group of non-executive board directors will undertake the review under the leadership of Sir Nick Serota, BBC’s Senior Independent Director. They will be supported by Ian Hargreaves and Sir Robbie Gibb, the non-executive members of the editorial guidelines and standards committee. The report will be presented to the Board in September.

The statement said that the Board wants to prevent such incidents from happening again and a review would ensure that the effectiveness of its policies and practices. “As such, we think it is right that we review the effectiveness of the BBC’s editorial policies and governance in detail.” The Board declared as it is ready to acknowledge “lessons to be learned” from Judge Dyson’s review.

It was found that the journalist Martin Bashir had faked documents to get Diana’s brother to trust him and procure the 1995 Panorama interview with Princess Diana.

Princess Diana had given a candid account of her personal life in the Panorama interview. She revealed personal details of her marriage with the Prince of Wales revealing his involvement with Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla and her own affair.

Bashir was rehired by BBC in 2016 after he left in 1999 as the religion editor.