Basketball Player Sedona Prince Exposes NCAA’s Sexist Weight Room Arrangements

Sedona Prince NCAA
Sedona Prince: Basketball player Sedona Prince after sharing a video exposing the disparities between the training facilities available for men and women.

“I got something to show y’all. So, for the NCAA March Madness, the biggest tournament in college basketball for women, this is our weight room,” she said in a video posted on TikTok, pointing to a small rack of dumbbells.

Sedona Prince draws a comparison between training amenities available for men and women

Sedona Prince then started comparing the above with the training facilities available for men in Indianapolis. The footage showed a gym that had a lot of space, and a good collection of weights to practice with. A dumbell collection much bigger than what women have been allotted.

“Now when pictures of our weight room got released vs. the men’s, the NCAA came out with a statement saying that it wasn’t money, it was space that was the problem,” Prince said.

The video has now garnered over 5 million views and is being circulated widely. The video also got a reaction from Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors star.

After the pictures started circulating, the NCAA issued a statement saying that they will be working on procuring more training equipment for the female basketball players. “We acknowledge that some of the amenities teams would typically have access to have not been as available inside the controlled environment,” NCAA senior vice president Lynn Holzman said.

The NCAA then added that this problem was mainly due to the availability of limited space. They said that they had intended to expand the workout area after enough space was available.