Thirty bare-chested women locked themselves to the railings outside the UK Parliament on Thursday to demand action against climate change. They carried a large banner reading “Can’t bare the truth?”

They had words painted on their chests representing predicted consequences of global warming such as war, violence, drought, wildfires, starvation and famine. Some of them used metal D-locks to lock themselves to the parliamentary estate railings. Metal D-locks are normally used to lock up bicycles. 

What You Should Know

  • Thirty bare-chested women locked themselves to the railings outside the UK Parliament in demanding action against climate change.
  • Some of them used metal D-locks to lock themselves to the parliamentary estate’s railings.
  • The group summons two printworks of failing to accurately report on climate issues.

The women wanted to protest against the risks of allowing average global temperatures to rise by 4 degrees centigrade reported India Today. The Extinction Rebellion said that this is what will happen by 2100 unless countries take action now. Extinction Rebellion known as XR is a global environmental movement  started in the UK in May 2018.

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These women restarted their protests in Britain last week. Later on, Extinction Rebellion protesters blockaded two printworks to disrupt the distribution of newspapers on Saturday reported Reuters. The activist group summons two printworks of failing to accurately report on climate issues. 

On Tuesday, UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel described the group as eco-crusaders turned criminals whose “guerilla tactics” must be stopped.

Subsequently, she said about the printworks protest. “I refuse point-blank to allow that kind of anarchy on our streets.” 

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Similar incident

In March, thirty-one topless women held up traffic to protest against climate change. They formed a chain across the Waterloo bridge on International Women’s Day. The women wanted to protest against the disproportionate impact of the climate and ecological emergency on women. The Extinction Rebellion protesters had painted slogans on their chests reading  “climate rape” and “climate murder”. Those women who took part in this protest were teachers, advisors, journalists, mothers, and grandmothers reported the Metro. 

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One of the protesters said, “It’s mainly women in poorer countries in the global south that are experiencing the increase in violence”. She further said that it will be the reality for all women if the climate and the ecological crisis continues to go unaddressed reported The Week. 

Another protester said that they are here to raise the alarm about what is happening to our sisters around the world. They want to tell women in the UK about the climate and ecological emergency. She further said that “it will affect you as a woman if we do not persuade our government to take urgent action starting now.”

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Sagrika Giri is an intern with SheThePeople.TV

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