Kotak Mahindra Bank has recently fired one of its employees for writing an objectionable post on social media. In the post, he is seen justifying the Kathua rape case and giving it a communal turn. The man allegedly expressed his happiness over the child’s death by commenting in Malayalam, “It’s good that she has been killed. Otherwise, tomorrow, she might turn against India as a human bomb.”

Immediately, he started receiving backlash from the internet community. The bank quickly acted upon the issue and fired the employee. In response, the bank released a statement on their Facebook page.

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Facebook post sparks reactions

Vishnu Nandakumar, who worked as an assistant manager with Kotak Mahindra Bank’s Palarivattom branch in Kochi, had posted a message on his personal FB page. However, his post was clearly offensive and extremely insensitive. People were quick to condemn him by flooding his account with messages. They even tagged the bank, instructing them to take action against the employee. “They tagged the bank’s Facebook profile in their posts, called its offices and wrote letters asking for Nandakumar’s sacking,” The Indian Express wrote.

Bank’s FB account downrated

Angry netizens viewed the bank’s silence as their way of supporting the distasteful comment. Consequently, they started downrating their official FB page. However, a bank official told a news channel that as soon as the management got to know about the issue, action was taken.

Over 33,000 comments were posted on the bank’s FB wall with people desperately calling for action. Some even threatened to close their account with Kotak Mahindra if quick action wasn’t taken.

Kathua Rape Case

Although his post didn’t name anybody, it evidently hinted at the 8-year-old girl who was brutally raped and killed in Kathua. The incident had taken place in January this year. The girl was brutally raped inside a temple by several men over the course of a week. Additionally, they drugged and starved her for several days. The horrific incident ended with her murder. The case has created heavy uproar in the country.

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The bank’s action sacking the employee for such grossly insensitive comments sends the right message.

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