Bangalore Is World’s Most Dynamic City, Beats Silicon Valley!

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The JLL Index of cities around the world is here and guess which Indian city made it to the top of a global ranking of cities? Yes, it’s none other than the most diverse city of India – Bangalore, which has been ranked the world’s most dynamic city on the index – beating Silicon Valley to reach the top!

The city, known as India’s Silicon Valley, has seen some terrible incidents happening in the past few months, including the latest mass molestation on New Year’s Eve.

Amid such a time when the city is losing its tag of being the safest city in the country, getting a great new label like the dynamic ranking will surely boost the city’s image. Bangalore earned the rank of the world’s most dynamic city on the basis of the its economic changes and ability to sustain it, followed by Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam and Silicon Valley in the US.

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Hyderabad too has made it to the Top 10, bagging the 5th spot, ahead of London (6th), Pune (13) and Chennai (18), but sadly Delhi and Mumbai went down to the 23rd and 25th spots due to its environmental factors.

For those of you who don’t know what the JLL or, Jones Lang LaSalle’s fourth annual City Momentum Index is, it’s a real estate services firm that tracks the speed of change of a city’s economy and commercial in the market. It covers 134 major established and emerging business hubs and then ranks cities across the world by the city’s potential to sustain this dynamism.

“The index is intended to identify change and highlight which cities or metropolitan areas may be best at positioning themselves to compete in today’s ever-changing economic landscape,” Jeremy Kelly, research director at JLL, wrote in a blog post for the World Economic Forum.

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“Most dynamic cities share the ability to embrace technological change, absorb rapid population growth and strengthen global connectivity. Cities in India, China and Vietnam, along with several in the US, head the list of the world’s fastest changing cities,” said a press release by Jones Lang LaSalle, Economic Times reported.

While we’re on the subject, we asked Bangaloreans of what they think this new feat means for the city’s growth?

“I think Bangalore undoubtedly deserves the title since it is the IT hub of the country. Many people working in Silicon Valley are Indian imports as well, so this city is definitely where the people begin their tech dreams,” says 25-year-old techie Zara Ikhtiyar.

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On the other hand, optimistic Afsana Singh is quite surprised to hear the news and says, “Bangalore is known as the IT hub for sure, but this report makes it pretty much official, for not just India but the world! I see even Hyderabad is part of the list. This gives us hope that we are a part of the global tech world.”

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