For Olympian Bajrang Punia, Wife Sangeeta Phogat’s Love Is His “Extra” Boost To Excel

bajrang punia wife
Bajrang Punia wife: Partners are called ‘better halves’ for a reason – because they fit into the lives of a person just right, like a hand in a glove. They complete them in ways that build them, help them grow and do their best. Bajrang Punia, who returned to India in all his Tokyo Olympics glory with bronze in wrestling, is on that journey with his wife Sangeeta Phogat.

“Finally sharing it with my better half,” Punia wrote Wednesday, alongside a photo of holding his token of victory between himself and Phogat, who is also a fellow wrestler.

His “extra” boost to excel comes from the love and moral support of his wife, he said adding a sweet dedication of his wins to all that she completes in him. See below: 

Bajrang Punia Wife Sangeeta Phogat Standing Rock Solid Beside Him

Phogat, youngest of the six wrestler sisters from Haryana on whose life the film Dangal was picturised, tied the knot last year with Punia. Through the Olympics, she cheered her husband on from back home, hyping his game and standing rock solid in support of him on social media.

Ya toh toot kar, ya jeet kar aana hai,” Punia had reportedly said to Phogat over the phone, distraught after his semifinals loss to Azerbaijan. Strapped up on one injured knee with hopes of a bigger victory seeming to slip away from his grip, Punia had turned to his wife in reaffirmation of his skill.

And he kept his promise to her, she said.

All the moments we stayed apart you had promised me accomplishments……you kept your promise. Thank you,” Phogat tweeted after he clinched bronze in the men’s freestyle 65 kg category. “I know you were going to prove the haters wrong. I love you honey…….I will be waiting for you.”

Phogat herself is a famed medallist with victories at several international championships, including a Commonwealth silver.