Babyproofing Tips: Getting Ready For Your Little Mover

Deepshikha Chakravarti
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Indian homes have potential dangers lurking in every corner, you realise this only when those curious eyes and tiny little fingers start reaching them. The day your little one starts crawling you have to run for your life and stop him from the danger zones, such as railings, pools, electrical and cabinets. Then comes that precious little showpiece sitting on that lovely side table that you, next that “oh so cosy corner” to read a book which all your friends were jealous off….


If you are a mom reading this then we welcome you to the journey of modifying and re-modifying your home. So here we share some thoughts on child proofing the Indian home, after all your little movers’ safety is of paramount importance.

  1. Chances are your baby may lie in the adult bed, make sure that there a no extra pillows and blankets that she can get trapped in. If you choose a crib it should be well-bolted and screwed.
  2. By six months the little one would have learnt groping, chewing, rolling and eventually crawling; this is the time for you to step up. Mobile phones, air condition and television remotes are the hot favourites. Make sure these are out of reach! Motherhood in India
  3. Once they are on the floor crawling, shorten all electric cords, remove all crystal items in a safe place, and cover all electric sockets with childproof plugs. Beware some of these exploration machines love to poke their fingers in the electric sockets.
  4. Get corner protectors for all edges, beds, side tables, dressing table, drawers and TV cabinets.
  5. Use locking furniture straps for book racks should your little one decide to pull out some reading material to keep them entertained.
  6. If your house has an accessible stair case then install stair gates at the top and bottom of stairs.
  7. With increasing trend of nuclear families you will often find yourself alone with your baby when it is time for you to step into the kitchen. This is a tricky situation whether to keep her/him close to you or not. Kitchen opens up a whole new world of dangers.

If you are allowing your little one inside the kitchen then remember that:

  1. Toddlers will try to touch everything that their parents do which often results unfortunate outcomes.
  2. It’s yucky but yes they love exploring the trash, the cleaning reagents, brooms and dusters. Keep all sharp things out of reach.
  3. Make sure that they are not trying to reach for the hot food items.

Remember that your baby’s sense of adventure is growing with every passing day. So you need to stay one step ahead of your tiny tyrant.

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