Viral: Tamil Nadu Woman Throws Baby Shower For Her Pregnant Cats

Baby shower for pregnant cats
Pets are no less than family members and a cat parent from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu proved it yet again.

As per a report by ANI, a woman in Coimbatore organised a baby shower for her pregnant cats at a pet clinic. She took her cats to the clinic and celebrated her pets. There were new outfits, special cat foods, treats and other items included in one of the most peculiar parties. A veterinary doctor who attended the baby shower said it is the first time a ceremony of this sort of being held for cats and it will surely make them happier.

Baby Shower For Pregnant Cats:

The cat parent said, “We performed this to shower blessings on pregnant cats we are giving them special cat foods, snacks. People conduct baby showers for humans so we did the same for our cats as they are members of our family. We came to the clinic and performed the baby shower along with our doctors. ”

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Pet parenting has been redefined in many ways in the recent past. The parents are seen splurging to care for their pets and provide them with amenities just as any member in their family would enjoy. VK Uma Maheswaran, a marketing professional from Coimbatore told DTNext that his three Persian cats, Irish, Kshira and Race are his family. He said, “They were mollycoddled by my family and friends and the women members performed all the rituals that are otherwise performed for a normal baby shower.”

The outfits worn by cats on their special day were hand stitched paired with a “pottu” sticker stuck in their foreheads and limbs. They were also seen wearing bangles as part of the ritual. The event reportedly took place in RS Puram area of Coimbatore in the presence of veterinarian Dr Vanugopal who was the chief guest of the ceremony. The one-year-old two female cats, Kshira and Iris are in their 50th and 35th day of pregnancy. The pregnancy period of cats is 62 days, as per reports.

In 2020, a dog parent had gone viral for how she cared about her pet. The Delhi-based woman reportedly spent Rs 2.5 Lakh rupees to book entire business class for her dog named Bela on an Air India flight from Mumbai to Chennai.
Pets truelly deserve all the love in the world and these pet parents are winning hearts for that.
Feature Image Credit: ANI