Baba Ka Dhaba Couple Go Back To Running Their Old Eatery, After Restaurant Fails

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The owners of Baba Ka Dhaba, Kanta Prasad and his wife Badaami Devi, are now back to running their old eatery after their restaurant failed to run successfully.

“On an investment of Rs 1 lakh, we only earned Rs 35,000, that’s why shut it. I’m happy to run my old eatery as customer footfall is good here,” said Kanta Prasad, the owner of Baba Ka Dhaba.

“I will run this Dhaba till I am alive. The day business sees a slump, I will shut it. We have kept Rs 20 lakhs for me & my wife from the money we were donated last year,” he added.

Baba Ka Dhaba couple shot to fame in October last year

This happened after nearly eight months of fame and glory. They shot to fame after a famous YouTuber, Gaurav Wasan, visited their stall, and helped them raise funds to relieve them of their plight, by running a social media campaign. Wasan had released a video in which Prasad could be seen crying, as last year’s lockdown left them struggling dried up their money.

The video went viral, and many people started making a beeline to the old couple’s stall, in Malviya Nagar, Delhi. It became so famous, that numerous celebrities started talking about it, and food delivery service, Zomato listed the company on its website.

However, things turned sour when Kanta Prasad filed a case against Gaurav Wasan, for allegedly misappropriating the money he received in the donation. He alleged that Wasan had intentionally shared only his and his family/friends bank details and mobile number with all the donors, and collected a huge amount of money.

However, Gaurav Wasan refuted all the allegations, and even showed all the bank statements and transactions.

Later Prasad invested Rs 5 lakh to open the new restaurant, and hired three workers to run it. But the restaurant didn’t last long, and had to be shut down in February this year, as they weren’t getting many customers. “The average monthly sales never crossed Rs. 40,000. I had to bear all the losses. In hindsight, I feel we were wrongly advised to open a new restaurant, ” he said.