Ayushmann Khurrana Joins UNICEF’s Campaign To End Violence Against Children

"I look forward to supporting the rights of the most vulnerable children," Ayushmann Khurrana shared a message via social media

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National award-winning actor Ayushmann Khurrana is now encouraged to eradicate crimes against children in India and to do that he joined a UNICEF's team on Friday. The popular Bollywood actor Khurrana is the latest youth icon to join the social cause, which already has the likes of David Beckham supporting the campaign. Now, the Article 15 (a film about the caste system of India) actor Khurrana will advocate for promoting children’s rights, UNICEF Representative in India announced.


Calling him a thought-leader, UNICEF's Yasmin Ali Haque, said, "He’s an actor who challenges the boundary of every role he plays. He will bring a sensitivity, passion and a powerful voice for every child, with a specific focus towards ending violence against children."

Pledging his support to UNICEF's work around ending violence against children, Khurrana took to his Instagram to share his vision and said that India needs to give "much-needed attention to #ENDviolence against children."

"I am very pleased to partner with UNICEF as a celebrity advocate. I believe that everyone deserves the best start in life. As I watch my children play in the safety and happiness of our home, I think about all the children who never get to experience a safe childhood and grow up with violence at home or outside," Khurrana said while announcing his collaboration with the global association.

In the video, Khurrana says now he can contribute to the cause of building awareness as he is concerned about all children who never get to experience a safe childhood.

"I look forward to supporting the rights of the most vulnerable children, so that they grow up as happier, healthier, educated citizens in nurturing environments free from violence,” he conveyed the message in a post.


Data shows the cruel reality

According to the 2018's National Crime Records Bureau report, five cases of child sexual abuse are reported every hour in India and 50% of the cases are carried out by close family members or friends.

Last year, Khurrana had collaborated with the organisation and Ministry of Women and Child Development to voice up against child sexual abuse. The actor had teamed up with the government to fight against child sexual abuse.

The actor, who is known for unconventional roles that always resonate with common people and convey special messages, had said earlier, "As a socially-conscious citizen, I want to spread the word on matters that need urgent attention."

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