Avid Travellers Talk About Their Escapades At Writers’ Fest

Travellers Writers Fest

Are you a woman with a burning desire to travel? Want to know what it takes to be a female traveller in India?

Mariellen Ward, a professional travel writer based in Delhi and Canada, has been travelling in India for 12 years. She shared her experience at SheThePeople.Tv’s Women’s Writers Fest at a panel discussion on ‘Travel in my veins: Travelogues by women’.

“It has overall been a good experience,” she shared, adding that she has even seen women as old as 35 travelling alone, reaffirming her faith in the fact that age is definitely not a bar when it comes to travelling.

Age no bar for travelling

Age is definitely not a bar for Mridula Dwivedi. The well-known travel blogger said she celebrated her 40th birthday by completing a trek to Everest Base Camp.

Travelling with kid

Aditi Mathur Kumar has been travelling with her 5-year-old daughter. She confessed that travelling with children comes with its own set of challenges. “With a kid, you have to be fully prepared. You don’t just need a Plan A or B but think till Plan F.”

She shared some anecdotes substantiating how travelling is a great learning experience for kids.

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Travelling and women’s safety

All the panellists agreed on the fact that whether an area is safe for women or not relies heavily on what the local women in the area are doing — whether they are shut inside the houses or out in the open.

Mariellen highlighted that as women, we are brought up to be very alert about our surroundings. In addition to that, she does a lot of research before going to a location.

Market for travel writing

Mridula Dwidevi said travel blogging has the maximum readership. It also pays far more.

Devapriya Roy, an avid traveller, said that the market for travel writing is not a very large. According to her, a travel book should be an intersection of something else to make it become more acceptable.

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