Dehradun: Auto Driver's Daughter Aces Exam; Set to Become a Judge

Charvi Kathuria
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Dehradun girl Poonam Todi has proved that if one toils and puts one's dollops of sweat, success can be achieved easily.


The daughter of an autorickshaw driver, Poonam has managed to materialise her dream of becoming a judge. In the results of the entrance exam of the Uttarakhand Provincial Civil Services (Judicial) 2016, which were declared on Wednesday, Todi emerged as the state topper.

Family's support

The meritorious girl told TOI that it was her family's rock-solid support that propelled her to be successful.

"My parents never pressured me to join a job to supplement the family's income. Instead, they always encouraged me to study further, which is why I was able to complete my M.Com as well as law degrees," she said.

Incidentally, she had appeared for the exam twice earlier as well, but could not make it beyond the interview round. However, she tried again by not letting the failure stall her. In her words, she tried yet again “with renewed vigour and a sturdy determination to achieve my goal.”

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Her father Ashok Todi earns an average of Rs 400-500 per day plying an auto rickshaw. Ashok told TOI that he never distinguished between her daughters and sons.

He added: "In order to ensure that the children have a good future, we often compromised on our own needs and I am extremely happy that my daughter has now made not only me but the entire state proud."


There were a lot of hurdles the family had to grapple with. The father used to run a small shop in Tehri but the business didn't do well. He then decided to shift to Dehradun. He started a shop there as well but it wasn’t successful either. Finally, he took to driving an auto rickshaw.

Poonam says that her family supported her dreams when she told them she wanted to pursue a career in the judiciary.

“Though I pursued commerce after class XII, I was always drawn to law. Having seen struggle and hardships from close quarters, I wanted to help those who are economically backwards so that they are not deprived of justice", she said.

Poonam, after completing her masters in commerce obtained an LLB degree and is currently enrolled in the LLM programme.
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