Author And Vir Das’ Sister Trisha Das Reveals She Was Sexually Harassed Multiple Times

trisha das
Author Trisha Das made her way into headlines recently owing to her statement that she was sexually harassed seven times at her workplace and added that a lot has changed in the industry, thanks to the MeToo movement.

While sharing interest about her recently launched book, Das told the IANS that she faced sexual harassment in her early days and that it was a common practice back then.

She added that women used to look out and comfort and protect each other regarding the same back then. She thanked the MeToo movement for focusing on the conversation on gender equality, injustice in society and the workplace based on gender politics.

Das added that there was no social media when she faced the harassment due to which no one could share their stories, leading to no accountability as well. Hence, women remained silent and men had no fear of repercussion, she said.

She said that she hopes that the empowering movement does not get politicised.

Who Is Trisha Das?

Ms Draupadi Kuru: After the Pandavas author is the sister of the famous comedian Vir Das. She also penned novels including The Art of the Television Interview, The Mahabharata Re-imagined and the internationally acclaimed How to write a Documentary Script among others.

Apart from being an author, Das is also a filmmaker who reportedly wrote and helmed over 40 documentaries in her career.

During the said conversation, Das was also asked why she in particular did not raise her voice to share her story, to the same she replied that she was not in touch with any of the harassers. “I do not even know where they are now!” she said.