Respect women in advertising dammit: Love Vir Das’ new commercial

Even as the recent ads by cab company Ola and restaurant Nandos had women up in arms because of their sexist nature, here is one commercial that aims to please women groups for sure. Stand-up comic and actor Vir Das features in a latest deodorant commercial, which is aptly called He Respect, the obvious suggestion being respect for women.

Watch the commercial here:

The ad that came out on Friday has became a rage on social media with everybody applauding Das’ effort.

In the ad, Das is seen mimicking many other popular ads where female actresses have been objectified. The most prominent ones being Katrina Kaif’s ads for the mango juice, and popular soap brand that sells pink soaps. Besides the commercial makes a sarcastic statement on bike ads, ice cream ads and of course deodorant ads all of which seem to put women right in your face wearing awkward clothing or doing silly things.

The major message being that it would be best if women never have to do these ads which make them feel “uncomfortable, awkward, objectified and pointless.” And another pleasant surprise is that the commercial does not have a woman, and yet it is interesting.

My take:

We are so used to consuming advertisements which objectify women that many of us don’t even react anymore. So any deodorant or perfume ad that has the message – that sales will surge because a lady is skimpily clothed or dancing behind a man, or making love to a fruit – there is clearly something wrong there. Delighted to see there is dialogue in media about what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate advertising.

As for bike ads, don’t even ask why women are included in those when their target consumer is of course only men. For if they were targeting female bikers, we would love to see them in the driver’s seats, won’t we?  Love Vir Das for putting it like it is. Like how many of us have felt and not been able to fight the battle alone. Commercials need to wake up and smell the coffee. And not lick the mango!

Feature Image Credit: youtube