Woman Leaves 14-Year-Old Marriage For True “Soulmate”, Internet Isn’t Kind To Her

Amanda Trenfield Marriage Walkout,
An Australian woman has gone viral on social media for revealing what she was really thinking when she left her husband of 14 years for a man she believed to be her “soulmate.”

Sydney’s Amenda Trenfield had been unhappy in her marriage to her husband Craig and felt that they had grown apart until she attended a three-day event called ‘Creations Of The Heart’ in Margaret River with him. She had once thought that getting away from the stresses of daily life would be a great way to mend their broken relationship but met a stranger who she thought could be her “soulmate.”

Amanda Trenfield Viral Story

She wanted a romantic weekend away from the stress of daily life. Away from the pressures of daily life, she thought a vacation would offer her and her husband a chance to reconnect. But she met a stranger who could be her soulmate.

She heard about this small town from someone she knows, and thought it would be a great place to get away from the city and find some peace of mind. She found love after leaving her husband of 14 years for another guy and she is now sharing her epic tale in a new book. Amenda Trenfield recently published a book called When A Soulmate Says No, and an excerpt has been published by The Sydney Morning Herald.

“As I settled into my seat, I looked up and immediately lost my breath. When our eyes met there was an instant familiarity that ran deeper than water-cooler chat. These eyes had locked before. Twelve years earlier. His name was Jason. I hadn’t forgotten,” she writes.

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Trenfield said that their relationship started with a bland conversation about pudding. She thought Jason wasn’t an extraordinary person, and went on to her husband. As published in the excerpt, Ms Trenfield said leaving her husband for Jason was easy as pie.

In social media, Trenfield was accused of writing “garbage” by publishing her personal diary in the book. Although Trenfield was criticised for writing about her personal affair in the book, it seems unlikely that this will have any impact on sales.