Assam Woman Carries COVID-Positive Father-In-Law On Her Back, Goes Viral

Assam Woman Carries Father-In-Law
Assam Woman Carries Father-in-law: In a viral picture shared by actor and director Aimee Baruah, a woman from Assam was seen carrying her father-in-law on her back.

Baruah in her tweet identified the woman as Niharika Das. She revealed that Das had to carry her father-in-law, Thuleshwar Das, on her back to the hospital. Das in her interview with Live Hindustan shared that she had to do that because the street was too narrow for an autorickshaw to enter.

Baruah in her tweet wrote, ” In an amazing display of women-power today, Niharika Das, a young woman from Raha, carried her Covid positive father-in-law, Thuleshwar Das, on her back while taking him to the hospital. ” She added that the woman too tested positive for virus later on.

Aimee Baruah wrote, ” I wish this inspiration of a woman a speedy recovery.”

According to reports, Thuleshwar Das works as a betel nut seller and tested positive for COVID-19 on June 2. When Niharika Das had to take him to the hospital, she carried him on his back to the autorickshaw since their house street was too narrow.

In an interview with Live Hindustan, the Assam woman said.” My father-in-law was feeling very weak and could not even stand. My husband was in Siliguri for work. So I had no choice but to carry them on my back. The reason for this was also that our street was narrow and due to this, the auto could not come. In such a situation, I reached there with father-in-law.” Das’ struggle did not end here. After reaching the hospital she was told to go to a COVID-19 hospital which was 21 km from there.

This made Das repeat the ordeal and take her father back to the autorickshaw without the help of a stretcher. Das said that nobody came to help her and said that she hopes nobody has to suffer like her in the future.

Feature Image credit: Aimee Baruah/ Twitter

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