Assam College Stops Girl Wearing Shorts From Entering Exam Hall, Gives Her Curtain To Cover

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Assam Girl Wearing Shorts: A female candidate was not allowed to appear for an entrance test at an educational institute in Assam’s Tezpur area. It was because the girl was wearing shorts, according to local media reports.

As per reports, the girl had visited the Girijananda Choudhury Pharmaceutical Sciences where the Agricultural Entrance Test was being held. The authorities of the institution allegedly stopped from entering the premises as she was wearing shorts. The girl reportedly called up her father and told him about the incident. When the father arrived, he reportedly tried to buy full length pants for her but the authorities gave her a curtain to cover herself. The girl was finally able to give the test after wearing the curtain.

Talking to the media, the girl alleged that the authorities built pressure on her just a few minutes before the test started. She said, ” It is a kind of harassment. In the admit card, there was no mention about dress code.” Her father called out the injustice towards his daughter.

This case is a reminder of regressive dress codes in educational institutions which has time and again imposed limitations on women. Earlier this year, a notice was put up in Lucknow University’s Tilak Girls Hostel which said that women will fined for wearing “vulgar” outfits such as shorts and dresses above knee-length. The notice lacked a signature but mentioned that it had come from the University head. It soon disappeared from the notice board after the female students in huge numbers started to protest against it.

While the University denied issuing any such notice and credited it to mischief-making, several women at the hostel were convinced and alleged it did come from higher-up authorities. This had happened shortly after the former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Tirath Singh Rawat gave a statement in which he said that women who wear ripped jeans do not have good values. Read more here.