Are You An Aspiring Writer? Beware Of These Common Traps

aspiring writer common traps

There are certain set of challenges that a writer faces in an attempt to stand out with words. Also, there lies a high possibility of falling into some very common traps. Shethepeople.tv, through its “Women writers” Facebook group, compiled some common traps for aspiring writers.

Let us have a look at what they have to say about it :

Confining writing to one’s own self

Swati Nanda says: “Many writers get trapped in their own selves. It is very important for a writer to go beyond her own self while creating characters and situations.”

A valid and thought provoking point!

Losing originality and resorting to saleable plotlines

“Not believing in the originality of their work and resorting to plotlines that are saleable” is a common trap that a writer falls for as per Yamini Pustake Bhalerao.

Writing with an inauthentic voice to showcase skill

Writing is not only about what’s written but also about the impact it brings. The fancy words shall hardly do any good if the authenticity is missing. Trisha Das Dagur considers it to be a common trap for the writers. Perhaps others would agree to it as well.

Not spending enough time with the story

Kanchana Banerjee says: “In a hurry to get published and seeing the book in stores, writers forget to spend enough time to write the story well.” And this is a very common mistake that a writer makes. Perhaps out of an utter excitement to get published!

That feedback isn’t needed

Shaili Chopra considers it to be the most common trap that an aspiring writer is likely to fall for. Believing that feedback is not needed or relying just upon the biased first level feedback received from friends and relatives. As Madhulika Liddle rightly says that this is indeed harmful to the writing career.

Insufficient research and reading

According to Madhulika Liddle, “Not doing research about which publishers publish which genre and ending up approaching a publisher who does not do your genre” is a common trap writers lead themselves in. Also, not reading enough is another point that she brings into consideration.

Falling for the bestseller plot

Shree Author and Kiran Manral somewhere shared an opinion when asked to comment upon the topic. Writing a genre that is popular and selling well at the moment is another trap writers fall for.

So, let us know what you think is a common trap for the aspiring writers. Write in the comments section below.

Pranju Daftari is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv

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