Ashley Judd Says No To Harvey Weinstein’s $44 Million Settlement

Ashley Judd

After Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein reached a tentative $44 million deal with his accusers to resolve lawsuits and compensate, actress Ashley Judd has cleared the air saying that she will not be part of the settlement over his alleged sexual misconduct. She says she is motivated now more than ever to see him in court, CNN reported.

According to reports, Weinstein and his board members have reached a tentative $44 million deal to resolve lawsuits filed by women who accused him of sexual misconduct, The New York Times reported.

Last year, Judd sued the movie mogul for defamation, accusing him of ruining her career after she denied sexual favours in the 1990s.

Weinstein was accused of sexually harassing or abusing over 75 women, which later he denied of being involved in.

A day after the settlement was announced Thursday; she made it clear that she’s not going to support him or the people who have settled. “My lawsuit is on-going and I intend to take” him to trial, she tweeted Friday. In a follow-up tweet, she clarified that “she is not a party of any settlement.”

Judd was among the first accusers

In an essay for Time, Judd shared her story saying she “didn’t have a reaction” to Weinstein’s arrest.

Judd ridiculed the law, saying someone “can navigate the duality of having aggressed and address their abuse of power with culpability and integrity.”

“What Harvey Weinstein’s Arrest Does — And Doesn’t — Change for the #MeToo Movement”

“As I spoke with others for whom the ground was shaking, I realized my feeling was that a sexual predator being legally accountable for criminal behaviour is and should be normal, routine and not particularly newsworthy. And I also understood why it is thunderous news.”

The deal

An attorney for his brother and co-founder of the Weinstein Co. says the settlement is in favour to both the defendants and the alleged victims. “We now have an economic agreement in principle that’s supported by the plaintiffs, the [New York Attorney General’s office], the defendants and all the insurerrs,” said Adam Harris, the attorney for Bob Weinstein.

At least two women have refused, including actor Wedil David who released a statement through her attorneys, which asserted that she “steadfastly” rejected the deal.

The statement read: “Sadly, rather than adequately compensate the rape and sexual assault victims of Harvey Weinstein who have pursued viable legal claims that have been brought within the statute of limitations, the proposed deal would provide millions of dollars to the ultra-wealthy directors of the Weinstein Company, such as James Dolan, and their big firm lawyers. It would also allow Harvey Weinstein and the men who enabled him, including his brother, Robert Weinstein, to escape liability and accountability without, apparently, contributing a dime of their own money.”

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In November last year, the actress had accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her twice in 2010. The 67-year-old stands accused of sexual misconduct by several women. Rose McGowan is one of the first women to publicly accuse Weinstein of sexual harassment. Last year, Annabella Sciorra came out publicly to accuse Harvey Weinstein of rape. She spoke out about his behaviour as several surfaced in the public, explaining his sexual misconduct. This incident occurred in her New York apartment in the ‘90s.

On June 4, a judge will decide further is the settlement can proceed. However, a criminal case remains intact. Weinstein’s trial is set to begin on September 9.

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