4 Women Discuss How their Army Background Helped in Starting-Up

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All women embarking on an entrepreneurial journey consent to that fact that it is not a smooth ride. It is replete with challenges, but it is the hope for success that keeps them going on. The success mantra, however, is different for every entrepreneur. For some, it is the guidance they receive from their mentors that proves fruitful. For others, it is their knack for learning new skills that help them march forward.


SheThePeople.Tv spoke to four women entrepreneurs to know how their army background helped them launch and run their ventures.

Army background is the basis of a balanced individual

“Belonging to an army background is the basis of being a balanced individual. The training of the Air Force has helped me what I am today, from my day-to-day interaction with my shoppers to managing my importers, it’s the training which has made Twigs an affordable and exclusive jewellery stop,” says Arpita Sharma, Founder of Twigs India.

Arpita believes that the interpersonal skills imparted to them during the training gives them an edge over others.

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Trust among clients


Poonam J Khot, Founder of iFitin, says, “Due to my army background, the clients trusted and accepted me instantly. Many of my clients come from the army, so in a way, it also provided me with some good clientele. In terms of skill-set in women from an army background, they have self-resilience, out-of-box thinking to get the work done, discipline, and adaptability. Most importantly, they are always ready with a 'Plan-B' for success.”

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Changes one's outlook towards a lot of things

Sakshi Srivastava Bhattacharyya, Founder of Spirit of Trekkers that takes people for trekking in the Himalayas is an ardent believer of the fact that her stint with the defence services has played a monumental role in shaping her and helping her kicking off her entrepreneurial journey. She says that the army training changes one’s outlook towards a lot of things.

“We don’t see whether somebody is a male or female. We see people as individuals”, she said adding that the training also makes one very determined and the honour, dignity and respect that accompanies army people takes them forward in life.


Lesson to see every challenge as the next opportunity

Anuradha Talwar, Founder of Vibhushita that sells cowbells tells SheThePeople.TV that her stint in army played a pivotal role in her entrepreneurship journey as it made her mentally and physically strong. It also helped her see every challenge as the next opportunity. Discipline and confidence allowed her to take calculated risks.

“Along with this, I was also able to market my products in army-run establishments. They were immediately taken because of the variety, quality and product pricing I offered”, she averred.

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