Are More Women Saying Yes to Travelling Solo?

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I remember eavesdropping on a conversation among women wherein they were discussing that the first time they got the liberty to travel without their parents was after they got married! I’m so glad that things have come a long way since then for many of us. Women are travelling solo with élan. While some consider travelling with other like-minded women, some bolder ones choose to travel alone.

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Abhidha Sharma, a student of Jamia Millia Islamia, brims with excitement on recalling her solo trip to Dharmshala.

“Travelling solo gives you the opportunity to explore yourself. There were some challenges that I had to face alone. But it helped be become stronger and more confident. Besides that, I enjoyed my company and that’s what made the trip very special. I am looking forward to more such trips in the future.”

Nikita Kumar, a Political Science Honours student of Jawaharlal Nehru University, went to Dharamshala with an all-women travel group.

“Initially, I was very nervous,” she tells SheThePeople.TV. “I contacted the organiser and gave my confirmation after I realised that my safety will not be compromised. I left all my worries at home and set out on this beautiful journey. The women I travelled with were the best people I had ever met.”

We asked Nikita the one thing she would like to advice women aspiring to travel solo or with other women only groups. She said, “I think everyone should go on a solo trip once in their lifetime. It will help you deviate your focus from the unnecessary rat race, make you sit and introspect and think about new prospects.”

Shethepeople.TVTra spoke to Vidya Deshpande, Founder-Director of Soul Purpose, regarding this emergent trend.
“Women are increasingly becoming financially independent and making their own decisions. Many are discovering the freedom of travelling alone and exploring new areas. Even married women are increasingly looking at a travel break to get some “me” time. Traveling with a group of women gives them a sense of security and kinship with other women,” she tells us. Safety, however, remains a critical aspect of all the companies that organise such travels.

“As a tour operator, I have to ensure that the travel company we hire from is reliable and make sure they give us their best drivers. We also look at hotels that have a good reputation and take pride in ensuring their guests’ safety,” she says.

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It is heartening to see more and more women gearing up to let their hair down and taking charge of their own happiness.