Andhra Pradesh Woman Conning Divorced Men Nabbed; Being Interrogated By Police

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An Andhra Pradesh woman who conned divorced men and swindled them was apprehended by the police. The 54-year-old woman who went by Saranya attempted to swindle the groom and his family out of their property.

As per a report, the groom is a manager at a private organisation and had been divorced. The 35-year-old lives in Pudupettai in the Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. His 65-year-old mother Indrani resides with her son and has been searching for a bride for him.

In 2021, a marriage broker reportedly introduced Indrani to a woman named Saranya from Andhra Pradesh. Indrani and her son set off to visit Saranya in her hometown, and the 54-year-old allegedly changed her appearance significantly by visiting a beauty parlour and led the future groom and mother-in-law to believe she was in her late thirties rather than fifties.

Woman Swindles Divorced Men

Reportedly, Saranya and the groom got married and the groom’s family gave the con-woman and bride 25 pieces of gold. Soon after the wedding, problems arose as the bride Saranya began harassing her husband and mother-in-law and demanded that they register their properties under her name. She also sent her mother-in-law Indrani out of their home.

Her husband reportedly agreed to register the properties under her name and asked her to give him her Aadhaar card so he could get the process started. However, he noticed that the name ‘Ravi’ was in the care-of field on the card and grew suspicious. He and his mother filed a complaint against Saranya with the police.

The police conducted an investigation into Saranya with the help of the Aadhaar card and found that Saranya alias Sukanya alias Sandhya was already married to another man. Her first husband, Ravi was from her hometown and the couple had two daughters together.

After having several disputes with Ravi, Saranya began living with her mother and faced financial issues as neither of them had a source of income. She also filed a police case against Ravi and allegedly collected a ransom of 10 lakh rupees, as per the News18 report.

Saranya decided to get married a second time and started targeting divorced men. Using the alias of Sandhya, she allegedly married a man named Subramani and was with him for 11 years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she left him and returned to her mother. She then decided to marry Indrani’s son and attempted to swindle them.

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