Another Hathras: Young Dalit Woman Drugged And Gangraped In Uttar Pradesh, Dies

Class 10 Student Gangraped ,BJP leader booked for gangrape, patient raped hospital

While the nation is still outraged at the death of the Hathras rape survivor, another Dalit woman was reportedly gangraped and killed on Tuesday in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh. The 22-year-old woman was a college student and worked in a private firm. According to the family, she went to pay the fees of her college and was abducted on her way back. The family also claimed that at least two men raped her.

Reportedly, the accused sent her back home in an unconscious state in a rickshaw. She had her legs and spine broken. The parents of the survivor rushed her to the hospital but she succumbed to her injuries on their way. Balrampur superintendent Devi Ranjan said that, “The family said that the woman did not reach home on time on Tuesday. They tried to contact her but could not get in touch. After some time she came home in a rickshaw with a drip attached to her arm and she was in a bad state. The relatives took her to a hospital but she died on the way,” quoted by India Today.

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The mother of the survivor claimed that soon after her daughter’s return she complained of excruciating pain in her stomach. She also claimed that the accused had lethally drugged the survivor. “The men had injected her with some substance due to which she lost consciousness. Then they raped her… They broke her back, they broke her limbs. When my child returned, she could barely stand or speak,” the woman’s mother said. She further added, “Somehow, crying, my daughter said, ‘Save me, I do not want to die’,” the mother said, as reported by NDTV.

The police have registered a complaint against the accused, Sahil and Shahid. They have been arrested on the charges of gangrape and murder. According to the police, the survivor was raped at an empty room in a grocery store at Gaisari village. The Dalit woman’s sandals were found outside the room and the owner of the grocery store is the alleged mastermind of the crime. However, the police have denied the claims that her legs and spine were broken.

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The police also revealed that the accused also called a doctor for the girl’s treatment after raping her but the doctor denied treating the girl in absence of her family. The doctor said, “A boy named Sahil came to call me around 5 pm. He took me to his uncle Shahid’s grocery shop. When I reached there they told me to see a patient from their family. I saw that the room was empty and asked them who the woman was. They told me she is the daughter of a government secretary. I said I will not treat her until a woman or elder from the vicinity is not present. They told me to go back to my clinic and said they will call the secretary and get the victim to my clinic. I don’t know where they went after that.”

The Hathras gangrape survivor’s body was cremated late on Tuesday night, reportedly against the wishes of her family. The 19-year-old Dalit woman’s gangrape and death, and way her body was cremated has lead to widespread outrage on social media.

Arunima Sharma is an intern with SheThePeople.TV.